MARRKNULL Spring/Summer 2023 tries to explore the relationship between god statues and people. According to the Bible, God created man in his own image; While in reality, people create statuses for Gods in their own image. Statue, as a link connecting God and man, has a strong symbolic meaning. Designers apply the concept of statue into the design expression of the whole series. They combine graffiti with statue to "remove sanctification” for god statues, so as to get balance between solemnity and banter, classicality and rebellion, and build the female image with a sense of statue in the post-modern context." All fixed and rigid relationships and the concepts and opinions that are always worshiped compatible to them have been eliminated, all that is solid and fixed melts into air, and all that is holy is blasphemed." In this era that the statues have been ruined and theology has been disenchanted, who is the savior of the world?

Each individual has to find the answer for himself.